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Meet Tyler 

Tyler is a Carpenter that specialized in building envelope and exteriors serving Calgary and surrounding areas. 

With a range of experience from interior finishing and carpentry to both residential and commercial building exteriors he brings an attention to detail when it comes to ensuring that the exterior of your home is aesthetically pleasing and holds the highest importance on proper waterproofing and protection from the elements for one of your largest investment! 

He is happiest when working outdoors but can be seen doing fantastic framing and interior finishing once in a while when Ginette begs him for help in the millwork department. 





Ginette is a Cabinetmaker in Calgary, Alberta and

T & G workshop was started to fuel her creativity while sharing her passion of woodworking with friends and family. Her focus was on small projects for the home but as her business grew she added smaller rental kitchens and eventually full house renovation to her portfolio which prompted the start of Lund Homes Ltd with the added expertise of Tyler's exterior background 

Ginette worked for several years for millwork shops in Calgary ranging from commercial to high end residential focuses and completed her Red Seal Journeyman certificate in cabinetmaking at SAIT in Calgary, AB. 


Her journey through cabinetmaking has brought her experience working with wood veneers and you will find that veneer work influences a lot of her designs. 



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